Germs are all around us and with new health concerns popping up all over the place it is more important than ever that we look into ways of keeping our world clean.  For many of us, having a clean and tidy workspace is a top priority.  For others, medical office cleaning houston procedures are critical.

Remove everything and start with a fresh room

This may sound extreme but if you want to be perfectly clean, you want to remove everything from the room and work with a clean slate.  The primary reason for this is that there will be areas of the room that are never touched on a routine cleaning.  For this reason, removing everything from the room ensures that all spaces can be touched.

Wipe down everything

Now that the room is bare, you can start cleaning.  You can first start with sweeping the floors and then go and do a light mopping to pick up any dirt.  Start in the far corner of the room so that you don’t track in any dirt over areas that you have mopped.  From there, return to the room wearing booties or other protective clothing over your shoes.

The next step is to wipe down walls, windows and other surfaces with a vinegar or alcohol-based solution.  With this solution you will be killing germs and other contaminants that could be touching the surfaces.

Wipe down the furniture

You want to repeat that same process on all of the furniture and items that you plan on returning to the room.  While doing this, wear gloves so that you are not transferring oils and other fluids to your furniture.

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Start returning everything

Now that everything in the room has been cleaned and disinfected, you can start returning the items to the room.  You will want to repeat the same procedure of using gloves and protective footwear so that you are not tracking in outside contaminants.