Dogs are susceptible to tick bites and disease. If you are a pet owner, protecting your dog against tick threats is vital in Pittsboro, where summers bring many of these parasites into lawns around town.  There are many steps you can take to keep your pets tick-free, but none of them provide the same benefits as professional tick control pittsboro.

Professional tick control service rids your property of any of the pests currently on the property. Then, service provides a protective barrier on your property that keeps ticks away. Although nothing is 100% foolproof against ticks, this preventative and protective measure reduces nearly all signs of the pest.

Detecting tick bites on a dog is not easy. Even More troubling is the fact that tick-borne illnesses can take 7 – 21 days to show symptoms. This is a lot of time for your pet to carry around pathogens!  Changes in the dog’s appetite and behavior are the two most common signs they’ve been bitten by a tick and need to be checked out by a veterinarian.

tick control pittsboro

Schedule professional tick control service to keep your pets safe. With the right company, you can initiate tick control that is safe for pets (including cats) that also safeguards them against dangers. You can also reduce the risk of a tick biting or transmitting disease to your dog by checking their fur thoroughly when they come inside after going potty, for walks, etc. 

Finally, keep the lawn pest-free by weeding often, cutting the grass, and trimming shrubbery and tall bushes. Ticks hide in tall grass and jump on their victim as they walk past the tall grass where they lie in wait. If you keep the grasses trimmed and neat, it boosts curb appeal and removes the ticks hiding place.