Through the course of history there have been a lot of different dental implants that people have used.  Back in the day of George Washington it was rumored that his teeth were made of wood.  Today, with the technology that we have and all on 4 dental implants port st lucie we can create an amazing set of teeth with 3D printing, space age materials and much more. 


The first type of dental implants is dentures.  Dentures are artificial teeth that can come in a wide variety of configurations.  When getting dentures, candidates typically will get them because they are missing one or two teeth in their mouth and getting a full set of teeth isn’t practical.


The next set of implants is partials.  With partials you can slide them in and out of your moth because they are on a removal plate.  In most cases they will lock into your mouth with pressure and there won’t be any need for adhesive or other compounds.

all on 4 dental implants port st lucie

Removal dentures

When we think of dentures these are the ones that will typically come to mind.  When we were younger and you went to visit your grandparents, your grandfather would typically have his teeth sitting on the table next to him in a jar or glass.  I know that this is a stereotype bit it is also true.  With these types of dentures, you would put them into your mouth with an adhesive paste.  This paste would form a strong seal that would last all day.  At the end of the day you would take them out and put them in a glass of water so they wouldn’t dry out.


The permanent teeth that we have are the common practice we use today.  In this process we will have our old teeth removed and a metal plate screwed into our jawbone.  From there, the teeth are screwed into the plate creating our perfect mouth of teeth.